Jul 4, 2015

The ultimate bliss

What is the ultimate blissful moment in life? For some, it is sipping a coffee, for others it is watching a thalaivar film.  For few others, drenching in rain and for certain others it could be making a delicious meal. Holding a new born's fingers, dancing for a tune, playing an instrument, watching a train cross, recording the nature's colors, observing fishes swim, writing, reading, having a perfect date, watch Dhoni's winning shot etc etc etc.  The list is endless and so are the taste and satisfaction levels of a human being.

But there is something else that makes you feel full.  The "pErinbam" item;  when you see your child accomplishing something.  It could even be as trivial as him/her saying their "abc's" for the first time.  Each kid is different and the pace at which they learn something new is different.  There is nothing under the sun that can supersede the happiness felt when the children exhibit an outstanding show. 

Really?  Are the parents the most blessed when they see their children go places? There is just another thing that can actually surpass this pleasure i.e. the happiness that the children undergo when they make their parents proud!!

Unfortunately God is not so kind, he does not want everyone to be a parent; however he is so kind that everyone of us has a parent.  We sure can attain that blissful moment!  

The poet Thiruvalluvar says

மகன்தந்தைக் காற்றும் உதவி இவன்தந்தை 
எந்நோற்றான் கொல்லெனும் சொல் 

Magan thanthaikAtrum uthavi ivanthanthai
ennOtrAnkol enum sol.

The greatest help a son(daughter) could do to his/her parent is that he should let everyone ask "How blessed is this man to have such an offspring?"

A big bow to him and to all the parents and children who have undergone that blissful moment.

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