Oct 28, 2010

New age "Ganga"?

I was shocked to read a news article from the NDTV site.  In Mumbai, a new mom had abandoned her twin baby girl - she flung the baby from the bathroom vent.  I dont know if it was because of baby blues or if she thought she could not manage 2 babies...whatever be it, its unimaginable.  When people long for an offspring, someone does not want the baby - after all she bore it for all those weeks with great difficulty.

May be she is the new age Ganga?  River Ganges  took a form of a woman to give birth to Bheeshma in the story of Mahabharatha.  Bheeshma is one of the ashta vasus that are cursed to be born on earth.  The remaining 7 of them are dumped in the river as soon as they were born as the curse for them was only to be born on earth.