Jul 29, 2010

Scintilating Suddhasaveri

There are innumerable raagas in the world of carnatic music and each one is rich in its own way.  Some of them express a particular mood and make us feel elated when a perfect lyrics is tuned in that raaga.  I'm writing this post now because I happened to listen to a film song that is based on suddhasaveri raaga.  Those who learnt carnatic music may be able to recollect that "Aanalekara unni..." Geetham is set in this raaga.  It seems to be light, easy going and very melodious one - hence suits for light music.  I feel that suddhasaveri brings out the excitement quite nicely.  It is a bubbling raaga.  In my opinion, this raaga goes very well with both vocal and instrumental. 

When I first heard the song I was impressed by Chinmayi's singing and suddenly I realised that it is Suddhasaveri.  Then I found out that it is ARR's composition.  Ilayaraja has set some popular songs in this raaga such as "Kovilmani osai thannai" from Kizhakke pogum rayil, "Idu oru kaadal mayakkam" from Pudumaippenn etc.  But ARR's "En uyir thozhiye" from Kangalal kaithu sei is so pleasing to the ears and all credit should go to Chinmayi as she has done a perfect job singing this suddhasaveri. ARR's idea of suddhasaveri on the piano is cool.  It makes the suddhasaveri a scintilating one! 

Jul 16, 2010

Rain Rain Do not go away!!

Its raining out here!  It was quite pleasant from morning.  Krishna and I enjoyed a ride in this wonderful weather.  And now its raining.  Great to be watching it pour.  I am sipping my tea (pazhayadu :-( ) and watching a movie.  I dont know who composed the "rain rain go away" nursery rhyme.  Is there anyone who does not like rain?  May be our cricket fanatics will not like it during an Ind-Pak final match of a tournament.  Is there anyone who does not like rain, elephants, ice cream, breeze, train, beach, dance and mother's love?