Sep 12, 2010

The TIME factor

A scene from Mahabharatha.  The yadhava clan ends up in a dispute and people are killing each other.  Krishna and his brother Balarama decide to go on a penance until their last breath.  So Krishna sends a note to Arjuna about this and comforts the people comprising the elderly, women and children that Arjuna would come and would help them relocate to a safer place.

Arjuna comes to Dwarakapuri (Yadhava kingdom's capital) and meanwhile some ransackers plunder whatever they can from the innocent people. Arjuna guards the yadhava people by fighting with the ransackers.  He sees himself on the weaker side of the war and is surprised why his "Kandeepam" (his bow) is not as powerful as it used to be.  Then the divine sage Vyasa says that the Kandeepam's (in turn, Arjuna's) power is going down and Arjuna realizes then that time changes everything.  

There are so many things that one can learn from the great epic and I consider this one as the best amongst them. I am correlating this piece of the story to what my father was saying nearly a year ago.

If we see the human life, from birth till about 20 years we are playful and happy and many a times do not know what life and its hardships are all about.  After 50 years till death life is mostly troublesome with physical ailments or other worries.  Only about 30 years we are active and enthusiastic and relish every aspect of life.  We think and act like a superordinate.  Many a times, we repress our faculties that tell us what is right and what is wrong.  At times, we tend to be pretentious, greedy,  immoral, self-centered, miserly, inhuman and what not.  We forget that we will one day become the captives of TIME and our lives will then change topsy-turvy.