Aug 11, 2010

Motherly thoughts from male poets

Poems and poetical works are one of my passions. I used to admire the way our male poets pen their thoughts which seem quite motherly to me.  I wonder how could such words originate from a man!!  

Let us take the Mahakavi first; "Unnai thazhuvidilo kannamma unmaththamaguthadi"  I could not find ways that can express how you feel when you listen to these words.  Not just this line but the entire "Chinnanchiru kiliye kannamma" is awesome and an incomparable composition in such a simple manner and it turns out to be a great lullaby. 

I love to listen to "Solla solla inikkudada muruga!! ullamellam un peyarai..." from Thiruvilayadal movie.  I think it is Kannadasan's composition.  My favourite words are "Murugan endral azhagan endru thamizh mozhi koorum, azhagan endan kumaran endru manamozhi koorum".  We have heard "Kakkaikkum than kunju pon kunju" but this one is a new thinking and it is indeed a wonderful expression.

And the last one in this series is "Paaloottum annaikkellam thangal pillai marbai mutti paalunnum saththam sangeetham".  Vairamuthu rocks here.  

How can a man express such motherly thoughts?  Are they the "Thaayumaanavargal"???