Dec 17, 2010

rEmEmBeR DeCeMbEr...

2010 is approaching its end.  By God's grace I had to throw something off my mind that was worrying me for quite some time and the good deed happened yesterday.  This is the best day of 2010 for me.  In the same lines, I was thinking of the last few Decembers and I had only good things to count.  Here is the chronicle -

2010 - A sigh of relief on Dec 16.  I can stay calm for some time.  Thank you, my dear God.

2009 - Hmm, nothing significant happened but had a good get-together with friends at our place on the eve of new year.

2008 - The most memorable year in my life.  I saw my mom alive for the last time on Dec 9.  Thanks to my FIL and the technology(skype).  I wish SriVaikuntam is web-enabled and I can see her again and talk to her.

2007 - India trip in Nov-Dec.  Just missed (thalai)Deepavali but had fun during brother's wedding.  Unforgettable awful travel through Emirates.

2006 - Had the best touring in my life.  Stayed at sis' place at Tirunelveli and went to Kutralam, Kanyakumari, Navathirupathi etc.  Nellayappar kovil was an architectural surprise for the one who had thought that all temples would be like the Parthasarathy temple.

2005 - First milestone achieved by nephew Hari.  He rolled over as mom anticipated (by end of 3 months).  Second consecutive year of attending Aruna Sairam's concert @ Parthasarathy Swami Sabha.

2004 - Had a cool darshan of Lord Narasimhar at Sholinghur.  It is a special temple for me and DH as we got to know of each other only here.  We stayed at brother's friend's house and had fresh cow's milk for our coffee in the morning.  However we heard the news of MS' demise (Dec 11) on our way back home.  Got mesmerized by Aruna Sairam @ Parthasarathy Swami Sabha.  I still remember few of her renderings from this concert. 

2003 - We moved to Chromepet.  Lots of fun!!!

2002 - Attended my SIL's wedding.  I still have the saree that I wore for the wedding and even my MIL wore it once or twice when she was here in 2009.  I recollect what hubby told me.  As soon as the engagement talks were on, my FIL picked SIL's wedding photo album and showed it to his MIL saying "maami, ido parungo unga peran pathu vechirukkara ponna!!!"

2001 - Memory corrupted.  Vella paper a karuppakkanumna, my father's Bday, Sis' Bday, Sis wedding day, Niece's Bday and New Year eve are celebrated (in every December) :))

2000 - I spearheaded the chris-ma/chris-child game for the fellow BSSLians.  And it helped two girls find not only their chris-children but also their lives.

1999 - Joined BSSL.

I think I have good memory, huh?