Mar 3, 2012

An American inspiration

"Nil nisi bonum", a famous Latin phrase translates to "Do not speak ill of the dead".  While not talking bad about the deceased is a good act, is it not noble to count on the positives and take time to think of the good moments spent with the deceased?  Especially of the one who is not from the same bloodline but just a co-worker.

I came to know that one of the (American) colleagues of us was battling with cancer for a couple of months and he passed away 2 weeks ago.  His boss sent an email conveying his departure and subsequently he wanted to spend some time to talk about the good nature of the person.  Really moved by this nature of the Western.

We are learning and implementing a variety of western culture - from Spaghetti to Macaroni, from capri to leggings, from free hair to artificial nails, from Metallica to flash mobs, don't we miss the humanity, honesty and integrity that exist in abundance here?  I guess West is not just GMT-5 hrs, it is still in the Thretha Yuga phase; kali is yet to hit this place.  Long live America, just this way!!!