Aug 24, 2012

Thank God I am NOT an atheist

There is always a question within me about the existence of God - especially during tough times. I asked my pious father "When a man is leading a happy life, when he acts as per his conscience, when he does not indulge himself in immoral activities what is the need for him to pray to the Almighty everyday?". He responded "Man does not have the privilege to choose to be born as a human, he could have been a cockroach that lives happily in a toilet or could have been a bird that eats what is spilt out by humans. He, for the very reason of having been born as a human must offer his prayers and express gratitude to the super power". I remembered Avvayyar's (personified by KB Sundarambal) "Koon, Kurudu, Sevidu, Pedu neengi pirathal arithu".

With Chinchu's addition to the family, every moment is spent appreciating the greatness of the Lord. Be it the fetus growing in the womb - its development, ultimate safety and nourishment or the technical advancements to see the growing baby in the uterus or the way the baby plans to come to the world - what an architect He is - everything He designed is flawless!!

The wonders do not stop here. A newborn who can not say a word gives different cries for different needs. "I am hungry", " I peed / pooped", "I am feeling hot / cold" - each requirement is associated with a designated cry. And how does a mother depict it accordingly - God only knows! And the body clocks of the mother and baby are so much synchronised that when the baby feels the need for assistance, the mother comes to the rescue even when she is deep asleep. A slightest move or a very mild grunt of the baby often awakens the mother almost immediately.

How can I not mention about nursing, the most wonderful part of motherhood. It brings such a bonding between the baby and the mom for sure apart from the other health benefits. Who is going to explain why a mother's breast feels full and how does she gets a tingling sensation in her breasts exactly at the same time when the baby is hungry?

How did the big brother accept the sibling? Chinnu is so possessive of us - he would not let us cuddle other kids in front of him. I was much surprised to see him looking at the bassinet where his tiny brother was sleeping in the hospital room while still holding a smile on his face. It was such an emotional moment when he said "It's okay thambi, it's okay" when his little brother cried. Should not one keep thanking God for giving us a family?