Nov 17, 2012

Q & A (unconnected)

My father addresses my husband as "Sir" who is less than half of his age.  But he addresses my sisters-in-law who are older than my husband as "nee vaa po".

My MIL addresses my elder brothers as "vaango/pongo" and when she talks to my oldest sister she says "eppadi ma irukke?
Ain't we too far from 33%?
When I was pregant with Chinnu, I got pampered by my own self from the moment I saw two pink lines on the HPT kit.  Healthy diet, protein rich food, fruits and vegetables, almonds and milk with saffron, was careful with every activity - walking, sitting and changing positions.   Sometimes enjoyed only eating and not concerned about making meals.
With Chinchu's pregancy, not even an extra cup of milk;  Any left over saffron bought during the first pregnancy was continued to be ignored. I had completely normal diet.  No precaution such as avoiding heavy lifting (I used to lift Chinnu even when I was close to 40 weeks).  And the top of all was to start working again.
Perhaps that is why parents always have a soft corner for the younger ones.


  1. I dont necessarily think it has got to do with 33%. Its perhaps got to do with the closeness and the comfort factor. There are a two sides to the same coin after all... ;-)

  2. Yeah, there is nothing about 33% - it is here for a flavour, personally I am against reservation in any sense. I am trying to say that women are taken for granted and sometimes treated without fair.