Apr 6, 2012

What a way to get connected to my hometown?

Well,  I am down with conjunctivitis better known amongst locals as Madras-eye.  It started with my left eye last week and after 5 days it was passed on to the right eye also at the time when I was thinking about "oru kannil konjam vali vanda pothu maru kannum thoongiduma??".  Now, after a week, left eye is getting better and I have to wait and see how soon the right eye recovers. 

I am not quite sure how I got it; about 3/4 weeks ago, saw a notice on Chinnu's school that a child was infected with this bacterial infection not having any other hint as to where was it going on.  Thank God, so far it is only me in this household - the father, son duo are safe.

After seeing myself in the mirror I am thinking should we start to term it as "Captain-Eye" than "Madras-Eye"?

PS: Happy 2nd Anniversary my blog.  I hope I keep you alive for the years to come!!!


  1. hey congrats for the 2nd anniversary. :) :)

    CAPTAIN(Vijayakanth) eye or MADRAS eye...will make ur eyes clean. its a auto cleaning process. :) :) so not to bother much about it. :) :) (As usual wear a coolers) :)

    Note: dont spread to others :) :)(captain eye.

  2. Long weekend la epdi veetla irukeenga?? :) :)