Dec 5, 2011

Childhood fantasies

My brother used to watch hindi films and  he used to say Shashi Kapoor was the most handsome guy from Bollywood.  Those were the days we got to see a commercial based on the song "Pyar hua ekraar hua" from a famous Raj Kapoor movie. When I got to understand that Raj Kapoor and Shashi Kapoor were siblings I really appreciated their parents for choosing such rhyming names.

I had literally kept 'not getting prickly heat' in my prayers! The reason was because I believed that prickly heat was nothing but thorny structures on the back. Courtesy: Nycil prickly heat powder commercial. Do we have such commercials to this date, too?

When I was taken to the bank along with someone from the family, as a curious little girl I got to understand what a 'deposit' or a 'withdrawal' was.  You dont know how much I was upset when there was a disastrous earthquake somewhere (in Gujarat??) then!  I felt too sorry for those who had kept their hard earned money in their savings accounts.  What if they were ransacked after the calamity?

Even now I do not understand the last name/family name/surname concept.  If I were to do a research ever in my life, this would be the subject I tell you!  

Though I have a sensitive skin I had never gotten prickly heat (touch wood).  Until I witnessed it personally I was not sure of how it looked though I was convinced that there would not be thorny branches on the back :))

I do not remember when I figured out that our savings with a bank were not kept as money per se. But working for a financial division for a considerable number of years gave a very good exposure to financial transactions.

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