May 31, 2011

And we lived happily ever after...

This is what I want to say about us after this India trip.  Well, Chinnu and I joined the head of the family(?) last wednesday.  Chinnu's birthday and our wedding anniversary day have to be celebrated during the time we were miles apart. And I prayed to the God on those days that let this be the last year that we are away from each other.  However, Chinnu's grannies were on cloud nine when they got to hear about our proposed trip and they made his bday party a grand success.

On the whole, it was an awesome trip ended with a tiresome journey.  I did not know how the 3 months time passed by.  Chinnu cooperated very well; he let me attend my niece's wedding at Bangalore as soon as we stepped on the Indian soil.  I was happy to see all of the family members.

Chinnu liked to roam around the house.  Lot of things for him to explore.  The park in the community was a great place to meet with his friends.  Manaswini, Surya, Karthik, Vivek, Sriram, Sairam, Aishwarya were his new friends.  His vocabulary had a great rise;  "manni, cheetha, hayi, gaagav, fazi, duduja, visa" became "manasuwini, sreenathu, hari, gaalav (raghav), mahati, sindhuja, vidhaa(vidhya)" one day.

Riding on an auto was his favourite thing.  He also enjoyed car rides.  While his thatha moves out of the driver seat he loved to occupy the same and tried his hands at the wheel.  He was thrilled to see "amba pachu" and doggy on the roads.

Until April the heat was manageable but May was horrible.  We needed A/C during day time as well.  Chinnu became his thatha's pet and used to say "thatha pattu" quite often.  He did not enjoy the visit to beach perhaps it was dark when we reached there.

My niece's wedding and the travel to B'lore, keeping in touch and meeting with with friends whom I met 17 years ago, dining with family, passport renewal after a lot of hiccups (if you are abroad never try to do it in India), attending mom's annual ceremony were memorable events in this trip.

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