Apr 22, 2011

2011 Chennai trip - so far so good

  • Makkal TV started telecasting movies, however with (useful) messages such as "inda padathin nayakan periyaar puththagangalai padippaar"
  • There are commercials for diapers, baby wet wipes and ellipticals which I had not seen last year
  • TV commercials also need a (good-for-nothing) censor board.  Some of them solely depend upon the model(woman)'s level of exposure
  • There are apartments everywhere, every family owns a car and every road is flooded with them
  • It is either upper middle class family or poor family, there is no "Middle class family"
  • Velachery and Chromepet will soon be substitutes of TNagar
  • There are overbridges in almost every major junction
  • There was enough space between vehicles at Panagal park on India-Pakistan quarterfinals of world cup 2011; I wish I were there to witness the situation on the day of finals :)
  • Most women wear Capri perhaps to beat the heat
  • Saw at least 5 obese people in the last 10 days
  • Extravaganza in shows like super singer makes it unworthy to watch.  Contestants wear clothes that are worn by only the heroines of kollywood; dont quite understand how the parents give a nod
  • It is just mid-April and could not sustain the heat waves
  • Indian markets have everything that is available outside India

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  1. Very nice summary.... I am able to visualize Chennai with your blog.