Feb 16, 2011


My siblings and I plan and execute an identity theft & robbery.  All of my siblings escaped from the place and when I tried to flee, there was an autowala outside the gate.  I hear somebody's footsteps and give an SOS sort of SMS to my siblings and ...

I woke up from my dreadful dream.  Perhaps my brain is doing mix-n-match with "The Saint" movie that I watched last week and my upcoming Chennai visit and my meeting with my siblings.   

Everything is ready for the travel and Chinnu and I will be departing Pittsburgh tomorrow at noon.  I am really scared for the diaper-change part of the travel as he does not co-operate for this matter.

DH and I have been wanting to watch "Yuddham Sei" for a few days but could not do.  Lets see if we are able to watch it by tonight. If not, he is going to watch when I am not here :))

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